Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A List of My Symptoms, by Ellen Welcker

Ellen Welcker’s books are Ram Hands (Scablands Books, 2016) and The
Botanical Garden (2009 Astrophil Poetry Prize, Astrophil Press, 2010). She is
a recipient of a 2016 GAP grant from Artist Trust, for The Pink Tablet; a chapbook
of these poems was published by Fact-Simile Books in 2018. She lives in Spokane, WA.

About the poem:
“A List of My Symptoms” came out of the act of observing and documenting the
bumper sticker-style part of my culture which seems to mostly say “FU to anyone
not me.” It weighs on a person! It feels good to observe it growing collectively more
and more ridiculous, though it’s undeniably sickening, as well.


Nita Sweeney said...

Thank you! Timely. Powerful. Disgusting. (The cultural situation, not you or the poem.)

Unknown said...

and with more urgency than any news report. this turns in the air in front of my like a cube-puzzle solving and solving

Beautiful, Ellen.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Ellen. I am a big fan!