Saturday, December 29, 2012

Crab Creek Review 2012 Vol. 2 is Released!

Crab Creek Review 2012 v.2 is hot off the press! This issue features work from: Marci Ameluxen, Emily Banks, Michelle Skupski Bissell, Bill Brown, Bruce Cain, Michael Campagnoli, Amy Katherine Cannon, Gloria Chun, John Davis, Jenny Dolan, Linda Dove, Clara Changxin Fang, Rebecca Ellis, Ruth Foley, Rebecca Foust, Casey Fuller, Eva Hooker, Rita Hypnarowski, Jenna Le, Kim-An Lieberman, Stephanie Lovegrove, Al Maginnes, Diane Kirsten Martin, Tim Mayo, Paul McMahon, Rachel Mennies, Michelle Menting, Tara Mae Mulroy, Cynthia Neely, Greg Nicholl, Shawnte Orion, Fernando Perez, Rose Postma, Amanda Powell, David Ray, Rebecca Givens Rolland, Carol Smallwood, Jenny Smick, Rochelle Spencer, David Starkey, Douglas Sutton-Ramspeck, Ann Teplick, Anastacia Tolbert, Sara Tracey, Craig van Rooyen, Marc Vincenz, Adam Walsh, Jessica L. Walsh. Also featuring an interview with WA State Poet Laureate, Kathleen Flenniken.
Cover Art: Two Sylvias (Sylvia Beach & Sylvia Plath) by Nancy Canyon.

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Jan Priddy, Oregon said...

This may annoy some, but I have to admit how much I admire a literary magazine that seems to represent the actual population, at least in terms of male AND female writers. Thank you.

Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...


You are so welcome! Thanks for your note!

Shawnte Orion said...

I love the cover art.

Can't wait to read through the issue.

Thanks and Happy New Year to all of the editorial elves at CCR headquarters!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to read it! The cover art is amazing. Want to hold one in my hand.