Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Nightfall" by Ben Mann (Cover Art for Crab Creek Review 2011 v.1)

Painted by Ben Mann in response to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, Nightfall,(the cover art for our current issue, 2011 v.1), is available for purchase as a print, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross.
As Japan's recent news of natural disaster crossed the airwaves, Bellingham, WA Artist Ben Mann joined the legions of Americans sharing one sentiment: "What can I do?" Mann elected to put his feelings down in paint, specifically wanting to depict the spirit of survival in the wake of devastation. "The black stems honor their citizens either killed or missing. Plum Blossoms, to me, are iconic of Spring and therefore renewal," commented Mann from his Fairhaven Art Studio. He wants to make a difference by thinking globally while working at a grassroots level locally. All proceeds from the sale of this print will be forwarded to Red Cross Aid to Sendai.
You can purchase Mann's print here: http://www.localartistprints.com/nightfall.html
Ben Mann works in the Historic Fairhaven District, making artworks that both depict and impact the local landscape. When he isn't painitng, sketching and meeting with clients, he frequents public elmentary school classrooms. Via the Allied Arts Education Project, Mann presents a 2-hour workshop for students K-6, and is funded to do so through a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission. Bridging one's passion and one's livelihood is never a simple task, but Mann has relished the challenge. "I convey to kids that I went into commercial art not to get rich, but because I simply wanted to make art everyday! Consequently I paint all week long, and still reach enthusiastically for my sketchbook on the weekends."

Order a copy of the current issue of Crab Creek Review here: http://www.crabcreekreview.org/subscrb.htm
The poets and writers in 2011 v.1: Hal Ackerman (fiction contest winner), Cameron Aveson (poetry contest winner), Mary Jo Balistreri, Michelle Brittan, Dennis Caswell, Todd Davis (interview), Mark DeCarteret, Deborah H. Doolittle, Mark Doty (interview), Ken Fifer, Matthew Guenette, Kelley Henry, Sky Joiner, Valarie Jonas, Mary Julia Klimenko, Dorianne Laux, Ben Mann (cover artist), Frank Matagrano, Claire McQuerry, Greg Nicholl, Hannah Oberman-Breindel, Doug Ramspeck, Bethany Reid, Susan Sample, Tina Schumann, Linda Strever, Jeanne Wagner, John Whalen, Monica Woelfel, Mabel Yu, and Jody A. Zorgdrager.


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