Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crab Creek Review 2011 Vol.I--out in May

Crab Creek Review 2011 Vol.I will be available at the end of May!  The poets and writers in this issue: Hal Ackerman (fiction contest winner), Cameron Aveson (poetry contest winner), Mary Jo Balistreri, Michelle Brittan, Dennis Caswell, Todd Davis (interview), Mark DeCarteret, Deborah H. Doolittle, Mark Doty (interview), Ken Fifer, Matthew Guenette, Kelley Henry, Sky Joiner, Valarie Jonas, Mary Julia Klimenko, Dorianne Laux, Ben Mann (cover artist), Frank Matagrano, Claire McQuerry, Greg Nicholl, Hannah Oberman-Breindel, Doug Ramspeck, Bethany Reid, Susan Sample, Tina Schumann, Linda Strever, Jeanne Wagner, John Whalen, Monica Woelfel, Mabel Yu, and Jody A. Zorgdrager.

From the Editors' Note:  In this issue, we peek behind the doors of two incredible poets, Mark Doty and Todd Davis, to see what their own writing worlds are made from. We find Martha Silano in a Kelley Henry poem about crowns, Gerald Stern and Leonardo da Vinci in a poem about a parachute, and Emily Dickinson appearing in a couple of places in the issue. We also celebrate the winners and finalists of our fiction and poetry contests... 

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