Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Little Katabasis by D. Eric Parkison

D. Eric Parkison earned his MFA at Boston University. His work has most
recently appeared in B O D Y, American Chordata, and the Columbia Review,
among others. He lives, teaches, and writes in Boston, MA.

About the poem:
A landscape rather than an underworld for a journey begun but unending, and
without a hero. One wants to nod to the past in revealing the present. If it has been
done right there is music. It is a part of a manuscript in progress.

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Unknown said...

Does ”Little Katabasis" project a view of land recently captured from habitat into the service of agriculture? Such a picture, followed by awareness of intrusion into what seems a pause, perhaps a mourning for what is lost! The day surrenders to a slightly bitter pall, with contrails providing a final comment of dismissal in favor of “progress.” Despite language sometimes weighed down by the lifeless verbs, “are” and “is,” and a perhaps unnecessary presence of author-as-curator (tractor smells hot) the poem will likely stay in mind for years as an expression of the destruction our way of life requires. Thank you D. Eric Parkison.