Friday, December 23, 2011

Crab Creek Review 2011 v.2 is now available!

Crab Creek Review 2011 v. 2 features Nin Andrews, Jose Angel Araguz, Anne Barngrover, Scott Blackwell, Karina Borowicz, Erin Byrne, Sarah Cohen, Susan J. Erickson, Lauren Fink, Marie Gauthier, Emily M. Green, Katrina Hays, Sonja James, Kathleen Kirk, Adrian Gibbons Koesters, Michael Lauchlan, Joseph O. Legaspi, Amelia Martens, Lucia Neare, Fernando Perez, Mary Elizabeth Pope, Jenna Rindo, Cindy Stewart-Rinier, Mark Wagenaar, James Valvis, and Maritess Zurbano.

Cover Art: Lullaby Moon VII, April 25, 2009, Green Lake Park, Seattle, WA (performance still) by Lucia Neare. Photographer Credit: Michael Doucett Photography.

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