Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crab Creek Review is a "Fine Arts Sponsor" for Local High School

Crab Creek Review's good friend, Marilyn Liden Bode, (the cover artist for our Fall/Winter '08 issue and local community arts activist) has invited us to become corporate sponsors for the Fine Arts programs at our high school here in Kingston, WA. Because of Washington State's severe budget cuts, funding for these programs will be impacted. Here are two excerpts from FAB's introductory letter:

The fine arts programs at KHS (Kingston High School) have created a Fine Arts Booster group (FAB).  The purpose of this booster group is to advocate and fundraise for all the fine arts at KHS including band, choir, drama, visual and media arts and debate.

FAB is currently fundraising for ongoing band expenses, fees for auditorium use for drama, entrance fees for Debate tournaments and FAB senior scholarships. Your support will also help us to demonstrate to the school district the value our community places on the arts in our school.

It is odd to think of our literary journal as a "corporate sponsor" since we are a non-profit that also struggles for funding through donations/sponsorship, but because we want to be active in our community in support of artists, we are both willing and pleased to donate to keep the fine arts programs afloat at our local high school. Several of us on the Crab Creek Review staff are mothers of past students, current students, and future students of Kingston High School and we highly value the school's music, drama, and visual arts departments.

Thank you for your commitment to the arts and to our students, FAB, and best of luck with your fundraising!

Kingston High School Marching Band performing in Portland, OR

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