Sunday, August 3, 2008

Postcard from a Literary Journal

We have set down our luggage and are now starting to unpack. I may have tripped walking up the stairs, but it was with the excitement of arriving. So yes, it's official, Annette Spaulding-Convy & I have keys to the place and will be the new editors of Crab Creek Review.

The Crab Creek Review website has been updated and our submission guidelines are up. Poetry submissions start September 1st, so get your envelopes ready, we look forward to reading your work. There's also a fiction contest going on right now.

We'll be blogging about the writing life here every once in a while and will have some guest bloggers that will hopefully entertain you if not make you smarter.

If you haven't checked out our website, please do. Otherwise, I have a lot of unpacking to do and a little sightseeing too. I have hope this will be a good trip.

Wishing you good work and good writing,

Kelli Russell Agodon