Saturday, December 15, 2012

We have extended our Fiction Contest deadline: Jan 15, 2013

We  have extended our annual Crab Creek Review Fiction Contest deadline to Jan. 15, 2013. You still have time to submit your fiction piece!

Guest Judge: Shann Ray
  • Email Submissions Only
  • Submit up to 3,000 words of previously unpublished fiction
  • $10 submission fee
  • All submissions considered for publication
  • Winner receives $200 and publication in Crab Creek Review
  • Please visit our Contest Page for complete guidelines


Unknown said...

Hope you don't mind this brief comment about your fiction contest.

First, you have here a fine, fun magazine. But the details/specifics of the contest give me pause for two main reasons. One -- the prize. at $200, and $10 for entry fee, you need 20 entries to cover your main contest costs. This in comparison to most contests.

Two -- no CLMP. I may have missed it, but I didn't see this "Gold Standard" contest seal anywhere on the contest guidelines; did I miss it?


Jesse Waters

Crab Creek Review said...

Hi Jesse,

Definitely two good points.

We are very honest that this contest is a way to keep our nonprofit press afloat. It is one way for us to raise funds for the journals, as well as find some great work to publish. If you submit to the contest, your work is also considered for publication.

You might be surprised (after P&W ads, prize money) how little we make though. Yes, 20 entries = the prize money, but we're a small nonprofit journal, so we don't get thousands of entries (we don't get hundreds even!) ;-)

So in the end, this contest nets us a couple hundred bucks, if that.

We're a completely volunteer staff, so this is no way a moneymaker for our own pockets, just a way to give some money (though I agree, it's not much) to a writer, find new writers (who we can name finalists for their resumes), and find stories to publish.

We are a CLMP member, but not sure about the Gold Standard.

Anyway, thanks for your questions. We do hope one day to give more $$ to writers. We do give an "Editors' Prize" of $200 which is not a contest to the best story, poem, or essay published in our journal over the previous year. There's no entry fee for that, just one way to give back to our contributors.

Thanks for your questions.